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„We all are Greeks“ — Philhellenism and European Identity

13.11.2015 - 15.11.2015

International Conference (in englischer Sprache)
University of Cyprus, Nicosia
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The International Conference on Philhellenism and European Identity, scheduled from 13 to 15 November 2015, in Nicosia, Cyprus is a joint effort of the Department of French Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Cyprus and the Center for Modern Greece at Freie Universität Berlin. Main focus of the Conference will be:

  1. Ancient Foundations of Philhellenism and its European Reception
  2. European Reception of Antiquity (1750-1815)
  3. Philhellenism and the Revolution (1815-28)
  4. Philhellenism as ‘Early Form of European Integration’ (Maras)

European Renaissance led to a renewal of the philhellenic movement, which almost split into several national traditions. The different ways in which antiquity was received in Italy, England, France and Germany created a wide spectrum of images and ideals of classical antiquity. However, during the Greek struggle for independence (1821-28) these different receptions regained a common focus.

The conference will concentrate on this development of reunification of the different traditions in order to re-establish a strong political movement. Why is the “Greek fire” (H. Heine) so different from the support of other independence movements at this time? The discussion will examine the concepts of philhellenism, its origins and dynamics, which brought about a European identity – as Shelley says in 1821 “We all are Greeks”.

» Conference Program (pdf)

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