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Edition Romiosini

Edition Romiosini

The Center for Modern Greece commits with the Edition Romiosini publishing program to an innovative scientific and cultural assignment. Through the publication of Greek and Greek-related literature in the German language (fiction, nonfiction and specialist books), a digital library of Greek literature and modern Greek research is offered to the German public, thereby filling an existing gap in the local publishing environment and as a practical contribution to the European culture transfer.

The book titles of Edition Romiosini/CeMoG are offered free of charge for online reading and can also be obtained as an E-Book or as a printed edition (Book-on-Demand). Not only will the editorial program of the Romiosini Verlag in Cologne be partly published anew, but also new translation projects will be launched. The Edition Romiosini program includes the most important authors of modern and contemporary literature, ranging from Konstantinos Kavafis, Giorgos Seferis, Giannis Ritsos and Odysseas Elytis up to Thanasis Valtinos and Kiki Dimoula, as well as specialist books, which correspond to a multi-faceted image of Modern Greece.

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