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The Chair for Modern Greek Studies and the Center for Modern Greece (CeMoG), both at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin), organized the 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL12). The International Conference on Greek Linguistics is a biennial meeting on the study and analysis of Greek (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), placing particular emphasis on the later stages of the language.

During ICGL12 papers in all areas of linguistic analysis (applied linguistics, computational linguistics, conversation analysis, corpus linguistics, dialectology, discourse analysis, historical linguistics, morphology, neurolinguistics, phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, semantics, sociolinguistics, syntax, etc.) focusing on any period in the history of the Greek language were presented. The Conference also hosted six thematic workshops and a poster session.

ICGL12 took place at the Seminarzentrum of the FU (Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin, Germany) from 16 to 19 September 2015.