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Zafos Xagoraris: The Gate and the Marquee: Apparitions Flying Towards the Future

News vom 17.05.2018

Im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung "Techniken des Displacements in künstlerischer und kuratorischer Praxis" (TU Berlin, 9. Mai - 11. Juli 2018) wird Zafos Xagoraris (Athens School of Fine Arts) am 30. Mai 2018 um 18:00 Uhr einen Vortrag (in englischer Sprache) halten zum Thema

The Gate and the Marquee: Apparitions Flying Towards the Future

Der Vortrag findet im Hörsaal A 053 der Technischen Universität Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 150/152 (Architekturgebäude) statt. Konzept & Organisation der Ringvorlesung: Prof. Dr. Eleonora Vratskidou


When we describe or encounter a person, an event, an image or a voice of the past, there is always a supernatural feeling of animating something dead and at the same time mystifying today’s reality. This feeling could be described by two outdoor, sound installations and their related historical events.

In 2016, “The Performance”, NEON city project, consisted of a reconstructed marquee of the historical theatrical play “Our Great Circus” from the ‘70s, during the Greek military dictatorship, while “The Welcoming Gate” was the reconstruction of the gate of a camp for prisoners of war in the German city of Goerlitz, during the First World War (documenta14, Kassel, 2017).

Some historical events are important for us, since they are able to answer urgent questions. Their ghosts are flying from the past towards our future, while at the same time we are able to see their moving, blurred images floating in the sky.